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China "cradle of medicinal herbs" - Qin-ba Mountainous Area

  Chinese medicine is a national treasure, for our valuable cultural and economic heritage, the prosperity of the Chinese nation prosperous, have an indelible contribution. Traditional Chinese medicine is the advantage of our products, with its unique efficacy, has been increasingly valued by the world, in the international community enjoyed a high reputation. In recent years, foreign also set off a "Chinese herbal medicine hot", the increasing export volume, China's foreign trade and foreign investment and exports played a major role.

The birthplace of Chinese medicine in Shaanxi. Shaanxi Province is rich in traditional Chinese medicine resources, known as "Qin land without grass," said. The census, Shaanxi about more than 2,300 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, accounting for more than 60% of the country, is listed on the acquisition of more than 400 kinds. The country's original implementation of the 24 kinds of medicines sold, there are 22 kinds of Shaanxi, are more expensive or scarce traditional products in the domestic and foreign markets have a certain impact.

Chinese herbal medicine resources is a major advantage of Shaanxi, of which 65% in the southern Shaanxi Qinling Mountains and Bashan mountain area, known as the "cradle of medicinal materials." Qinba Mountain area is the most popular region of Shaanxi Chinese herbal medicine, and it is widely distributed in ancient and modern Chinese medicine and medicine, which is widely distributed in ancient and modern Chinese and foreign medicine. Here the Chinese medicine resources are very rich, a total of medicinal animals, plants, minerals and 1235 kinds of medicinal herbs. Now the country commonly used more than 500 kinds of herbs, southern Shaanxi Qinba mountain production reached 333 species, including 266 kinds of herbs, 55 kinds of animal herbs, 12 kinds of mineral herbs, accounting for more than 60% of the commonly used varieties of medicinal herbs. There are 34 kinds of valuable Chinese herbal medicines, 17 species in Shaanxi, 15 species in Qinba Mountain in southern Shaanxi, 30 species of Chinese medicine in the state, 22 species in Shaanxi and 21 in Qinba Mountain. In the local mountain people circulating such a song; "Qin Bashan, everywhere treasure, sick do not worry, up the mountain pull the grass." Cactus, Citrus aurantium, Citrus aurantium, Serpentine, snake, etc., are more expensive or scarce Of authentic herbs, in the domestic and international market reputation. Therefore, there are "medicinal treasures," said.

According to historical records, Qinba medicinal use has a long history, has long been famous at home and abroad. Was honored as "medical founder" of the Warring States period famous doctor Bian Que into the line of medicine medicine, seclusion city solid, now the "Bian Que City", "Bianpao view" sites and monuments. Qin, Han, the Three Kingdoms, here is the famous ancient battlefield, military supplies are taken from the Qinba mountain. By the Bian Que disciples of the instrument written in China and the world's earliest pharmacy monograph "Shen Nong Cao Cao" recorded in many herbs, such as Eucommia, Gastrodia, Citrus aurantium, Magnolia, Lei Wan, musk, mostly the main production Qinling, Bashan. Jin, Tang, Song Dynasty medical monographs, but also contains more southern Shaanxi Qinba mountain production of herbs. Such as "Tang Materia Medica", "daughter of food governance", "therapeutic herbal medicine", "herbal supplements", "Compendium of Materia Medica" and so on, has recorded more than 500 kinds of specialty products in Qinba Mountain area, by some countries and regions along the bow [reputation Very high. Known as the "drug king" of the Tang Dynasty doctors Sun Simiao with the "daughter to the party", is China's earliest medical classification monographs, the first inside, outside, women, children, facial features and other specialist prototype, the development of the motherland medicine and Qinba The development and utilization of mountain drugs have a greater contribution.

Qinba mountain herbs, good quality, because there are unique natural geographical and climatic conditions, so far there are still living in other parts of the world has long been extinct precious animals and plants. Qinba Mountain is located in the eastern part of China to the west and south to the north of the transition zone, the natural boundary of the North-South climate, with a total area of 82,900 square kilometers. The territory of ups and downs, complex landforms, meteorology, the four species of intersection. Due to the diversity of geological topography, the formation of a variety of small and medium climatic conditions. From the foot of the mountain to the mountains with the northern subtropical, warm temperate, temperate, alpine moss and frozen snow and other climate types. Coupled with abundant rainfall, long frost-free period, is conducive to the growth and reproduction of plants and animals, natural resources are extremely rich.

Southern Shaanxi Qinba mountain area has more than 20 kinds of herbs famous Chinese and foreign, such as the Qin party, Eight Immortals, Qin Gui, honeysuckle, Qinba Duzhong, Coptis, Forsythia, Tianma, Astragalus, gallnut, Taibai Sen, Taibai Fritillaria, Citrus aurantium , Dogwood, musk, bear bile, etc., not only the royal family of "tribute" and drug manufacturers headed varieties, but also the international market, hot goods. Qinba Huanglian with berberine more than 7%, "Qin Pakistan Huanglian Gui as gold," said; Qinba Tianma head round, translucent, weight, was classified as top grade; Qinba mountain production of potato taro, saponin content High, more than Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Gansu and other real estate saponin content more than doubled; Eucommia, musk, gallnut and other herbs, not only high quality, production also ranks first in the country; Qinba angelica, Smooth, smell mellow, neat head, domestic and foreign markets known as "Qin". Qin Dynasty, Qinba Duzhong, Qin Pakistan Cordyceps Cordyceps, Gentiana, Qin Pi, etc., are due to good quality, high efficacy of high content, by their predecessors in the name of the former "Qin" or "Qin Pakistan" word to show Good and authentic herbs. Really "Qin Pakistan medicine Jia Tianxia".

Since the founding of new China, Qinba mountain area has made great progress in Chinese medicine. Chinese herbal medicine planted from 1957 nearly 10 varieties, 8000 acres, the development of more than 80 varieties now, more than 40 million mu. Has been established Tianma, Coptis, Angelica, West Codonopsis, Eucommia, Forsythia; honeysuckle, dogwood, Gynostemma and other authentic products production base. From other provinces and foreign imports of Angelica, Poria, Chinese wolfberry, Achyranthes, American ginseng and so on more than 20 varieties, but also for the province more than self-sufficient. Wild family change success of Gastrodia, Salvia, Campanulaceae, Yinhua, Gynostemma, musk, bezoar and so on. Tianma wild change family success, won the National Science Conference Award. Tianma sexual reproduction, asexual reproduction of scientific research, the provincial Science and Technology Commission and the National Science and Technology Commission to create the second prize of natural science. Ankang Gynostemma development and utilization, won the national scientific and technological progress second prize. Artificial breeding musk deer, artificial cattle sports yellow, control angelica early bolting, Fritillaria and American ginseng introduction and fast-growing and other research projects have also been successful. At the same time also carried out a drug source census, find out the Qinba mountain drug source base. Ankang, Hanzhong, Shangluo and other regions to establish a medicinal plant or herbs Institute. Edited and published the "Shaanxi Chinese herbal medicine" and sub-regional "list of traditional Chinese medicine resources", "Qinba mountain natural medicine", "Qinba mountain native production" and other books. The establishment of proprietary Chinese medicine pharmaceutical factory 6, used by the parties are folk traditional effective prescription, raw materials and more use Qinba mountain specialty authentic herbs. Some traditional Chinese medicine such as Liushen pills, Wuji Baifeng pill, Peiquang pills, Miao Ji Dan, ginseng re-pills, Niuhuang Qingxin Pills, Huanglian Shangqi Wan, Gynostemma total glycosides tablets, Tianma pills, Tianma Bujiu, papaya wine Seven wine, mountain cornus wine, silkworm wine, Qinba Duzhong film, plum blossom tongue, Tianma Jing, deer Shou tea, Gynanchang tea, due to significant effect, welcomed by patients.

The production of medicinal herbs has become an important project of Qinba Mountain area, which is a good way to get rid of poverty and prosperity of mountain farmers.

Qinba mountain area, although rich in Chinese herbal medicine resources, but in recent years has been severely damaged, uncontrolled over-excavation, so that Chinese herbal medicine production decreased year by year. The local government and relevant departments should take effective measures, on the basis of protection, mining and breeding combined, in particular, should be planned to develop Chinese herbal medicine artificial cultivation and cultivation, expansion of provenances, increase production and improve quality, so that Qinba Mountain This "treasure trove of traditional Chinese medicine", in economic construction play its due role.