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Black rice Extract

Black rice Extract

Active Ingredient: 1. Anthocyandins 2. Anthocyanin
Plant part used: seed capsule
Appearance: Violet-red fine powder

[Product name]: Black rice Extract

[Latin name]: Oryza satiua

[Botanical Source]: Black rice is also called rice,black pearl, black rice, moon rice and so on. It greatly produced in the south slope  of  QinLing, and the north of HanJiang, other districts are not fit for growing this kind rice, so Black rice P.E. is rare and precious. The abstraction of Black rice P.E. is obtained by extent technology which material is the peel of Black rice P.E.

[Quality standard]:

1. Active Ingredient: 1. Anthocyandins   2. Anthocyanin

2.Plant part used: seed capsule

3. Appearance: Violet-red fine powder