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Cranberry Extract

Cranberry Extract

Active Ingredient: 1.Proanthocyandins 2.Anthocyanin
Plant part used: Fruit
Appearance: red or red-brown fine powder

[Product name]: Cranberry Extract

[Latin name]: Vaccinium Macrocarpon L.

[Botanical Source]: Cranberry is also called red small plum, cran-plum, acid fruit cran, crude bean. It grows here and there with thin stems and stands erect. Its leaves is small with the oval-shaped appearance. Its berry is red, round and it tastes acid. It can resist cold and distribute in ChangBai mountain in DongBei and XingAnLing districts.

[Quality standard]:

1. Active Ingredient: 1.Proanthocyandins  2.Anthocyanin

2.Plant part used: Fruit

3. Appearance: red or red-brown fine powder

[Pharmacological actions]: It can improve the Urinary Systemprevent urinary tract infectionintenerate capillary vessel,eliminate eye strain, delay the cranial nerve to be senile, have the treatment function on the blood capillary immunity disease which is caused by diabetes.