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Kooroo color Extract

Kooroo color Extract

Active Ingredient: 1.Anthocyandins 2. anthocyanin
Plant part used: Fruit
Appearance: Violet-red powder

[Product name]: Kooroo color Extract

[Latin name]: Dioscorea kooroo

[Botanical Source]: A purple core sweet potato whose scientific name is ChuanShanZi is a new kind sweet potato imported from ChuanQi farm in Japan by our technological workers. The skin of this kind sweet potato is purplish red near to black. The pulp of this potato is also purplish  red,so the name called.

[Quality standard]:

1. Active Ingredient: 1.Anthocyandins  2. anthocyanin

2.Plant part used: Fruit

3. Appearance: Violet-red powder