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Mulberry red color

Mulberry red color

Active Ingredient: Grape sugar , tartaric acid, vitaminB1、B2、C, Pigment
Plant part used: Fruit
Appearance: Red or violet-red powder

[Product name]: Mulberry Extract

[Botanical Source]: Its come from the mature fruit of the morus alba plant, first to clear up,squeeze and filter the ripe fruit of morus alba, that can get filter residue and filtrate . Then to  use  organic solvent to dissolve the filter residue and filter , get the filtrate.Finally to  refine and condense,we get the finished stock. If go on drying it by vacuum or spray,we can get pulverous product.

[Quality standard]:

1. Active Ingredient: grape sugar , tartaric acid, vitaminB1B2C, Pigment

2. Plant part used: Fruit

3. Appearance: Red or violet-red powder