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Wolfberry Extract

Wolfberry Extract

Active Ingredient: polysaccharides
Plant part used: Fruit
Appearance: Brown-red fine powder

[Product name]: Wolfberry Extract

[Latin name]: Lycium chinense Mill.

[Botanical Source]: It is distributed in northeast China, hebei, shanxi, shaanxi, south of gansu and provinces of southwest, central China, south China and east China. Ningxia and qinghai are the best.

[Quality standard]:

1. Active Ingredient: (1)Lycium barbarum polysaccharides1%-40%  (2) betaine

2.Plant part used: Fruit

3. Appearance: Brown-red fine powder

[Pharmacological actions]: Nourishing the liver, kidney, moisten lung.Chinese wolfberry leaf: invigorate the essence, clear and relieve hot eyes.