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Bilberry Extract

Bilberry Extract

Active Ingredient: 1.Anthocyandins
Plant part used: Fruit
Appearance: Violet-red fine powder

[Product name]: Bilberry Extract

[Latin name]: Vaccinium Uliginosum

[Botanical Source]: Blueberry is usually named dushi,blue plum fruit . GaoLi grape; mainly distributed the north of DaXingAn. ChangBai mountain whose height is over two thousand kilometers.

[Quality standard]:

1. Active Ingredient: 1.Anthocyandins  2.Anthocyanin

2.Plant part used: Fruit

3. Appearance: Violet-red fine powder

[Pharmacological actions]: Relaxes blood vessel,,eliminats eye strain and improves eye sight,It also prevent cerebral nerve from premature senility;in addition,It haves curative effect on immunity diseases of blood vessel caused by diabetes;It is anti-tumor.